Simple Inline Code Highlighting with Vim

I use the excellent gitit wiki for keeping notes. gitit uses markdown as its default markup format with some extensions, such as the possibility to have inline code snippets highlighted. These snippets start with ~~~{.someLanguage} and end with ~~~, e.g:

quicksort [] = []
quicksort (x:xs) = quicksort (filter (<x) xs) ++ [x] ++ quicksort (filter (>=x) xs)

Since I use the Firefox add-on Pentadactyl (a fork of Vimperator), I can use Vim to edit my wiki articles. I really wished that I could get the correct highlighting for the in-line code snippets in Markdown and I found Vim tip #857. I used this to create the following filetype plugin for markdown files that will find code snippets for the languages I use and make vim colourize those snippets with the correct syntax highlighting.

" from
function! TextEnableCodeSnip(filetype, start, end, textSnipHl)
  let ft=toupper(a:filetype)
  let group='textGroup'.ft
  if exists('b:current_syntax')
    let s:current_syntax=b:current_syntax
    " Remove current syntax definition, as some syntax files (e.g. cpp.vim)
    " do nothing if b:current_syntax is defined.
    unlet b:current_syntax
  execute 'syntax include @'.group.' syntax/'.a:filetype.'.vim'
    execute 'syntax include @'.group.' after/syntax/'.a:filetype.'.vim'
  if exists('s:current_syntax')
    let b:current_syntax=s:current_syntax
    unlet b:current_syntax
  execute 'syntax region textSnip'.ft.'
        \ matchgroup='.a:textSnipHl.'
        \ start="'.a:start.'" end="'.a:end.'"
        \ contains=@'.group

for l in ["cpp", "haskell", "python", "scala", "dot", "xml"]
  call TextEnableCodeSnip(l, '^\s*\~\{3,}{\s*\.'.l.'\s*}\s*$', '^\s*\~\{3,}\s*$', 'specialComment')

" hightlight latex maths
call TextEnableCodeSnip("plaintex", '\$\+', '\$\+', 'specialComment')