Wish: Options for Kate's Indenting Scripts

At the start of Kate’s indenting script for C/C++, the following options are available:

var cfgIndentCase = true;         // indent 'case' and 'default' in a switch?
var cfgIndentNamespace = true;    // indent after 'namespace'?
var cfgAutoInsertStar = false;    // auto insert '*' in C-comments
var cfgSnapSlash = false;         // snap '/' to '*/' in C-comments
var cfgAutoInsertSlashes = false; // auto insert '//' after C++-comments

To set these options one would first have to actually find the indenting scripts under /usr/share, then copy it to one’s home directory to be able to modify it, and then modify the javascript source. This could – of course – be done in a much better way. In an ideal world options like these should be available in Kate’s settings as check boxes. It should also be possible to have non-boolean options, like choosing a value from a list of possible values for a setting.

I would love to see something like the following:

registerSetting("Indent 'case' and 'default' in switch statements", "cfgIndentCase",  "boolean");

produce the following tickbox:

☐ Indent 'case' and 'default' in switch statements

in Kate’s settings.

I don’t have the time myself, but I don’t think it would be very hard, and I’m sure that many people would be a bit happier. Me and the other Kate developers would be glad to assist. :-)