Google Calendar Plasmoid, Take Two

After the positive feedback on my quick 27 line python hack, I decided to make a slightly improved version. This fixes the two major problems with the old one: you can now use your Google Apps for your Domain email and you can use kwallet to remember your login.

It’s not a simple, 27 line python script any more, but now it’s much more usable. (unless there are some stupid bugs I have overlooked. :))

As suggested I uploaded it to KDE Look, so you can install it from the “Add widgets…” dialogue or download it and install it with plasmapkg -i gcal-1.1.plasmoid.

(It looks like installing it from GHNS still downloads the old version. This will hopefully change. For now, please download and install manually.)

The login is just a quick hack, btw. This pretty much sums it up:

src = src.replace("id="Email"",
    "id="Email" value=""+self.settings['username']+""")
src = src.replace("id="Passwd"",
    "id="Passwd" value=""+self.settings['password']+""")
src = src.replace("id="gaia_loginform"",
    "id="gaia_loginform" name="gaia_loginform"")
src = src.replace("",
src = src.replace("</body>",

I also tried the ninja trick from Ariya’s blog to get a transparent webview, but Google’s 1995-style gif logo pretty much destroyed the appearance, so I dropped that. :)